Privacy Consulting

Privacy Consulting


Most businesses are unsure how to weave privacy into their existing practices and privacy regulations are changing at a rapid rate. To make it more difficult for businesses, privacy experts are few and far between.


CSR Privacy Solutions has spent over 25 years in the international, federal, state and sectorial compliance ecosystem.  Our certified privacy officers  provide expert guidance, analysis and review to our national and multi-national clients.

Fitting Your Business Needs


CSR’s Privacy Consulting program is flexible and designed to fit your needs.  We can provide a wide variety of consulting services such as:


  • • Enterprise Privacy Consulting
  • • Onsite Privacy Audits
  • • Virtual Privacy Audits
  • • Policy and Program Development
  • • Policy and Program Review
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Become a Reseller

Contact us to become a provider of our patented* data breach support that will provide and guide customers with tools to act upon a breach, making sure they are equipped with the proper reporting guidelines according to the various state regulations and providing your customers with the peace of mind that their breach incident will be handled by a privacy expert. Resellers will provide their customers and their business with an extensive range of services that would make sure they are equipped with the necessary plan of action and follow-up steps that are required by the state’s law.


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