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Threat Scanning

Vulnerabilities are open doors to nefarious actors. “Hackers” are looking for easy prey. Don’t leave your virtual doors open. Best practice is to implement active monitoring, however, that is not always feasible for small to medium size businesses. uRISQ’s Threat Scanning provides monthly scans of your website and firewall to ensure you are locking all your virtual doors. uRISQ sends you email notifications when each scan is complete so you can review and take action on vulnerabilities found. Be ahead of the hackers by locking all your virtual doors with uRISQ Threat Scanning.


Breach Support

What are your legal reporting requirements when you are breached? Most people have no idea what to do. Data Breach Support is the answer to the question that most do not have an answer to. Our certified privacy experts will guide you through your breach, help you know if it is a reportable breach, and will inform you of all your reporting requirements. And do not worry, our service covers all types of breaches, electronic, paper, nefarious and/or accidental. uRISQ provides you with peace of mind with a privacy expert only keystrokes away with 24/7 support.


Privacy Assessment

“Every privacy program has to start with knowing where you are today. uRISQ's Privacy Assessment will identify where your business is regarding the handling of personal data. Privacy Assessment is a complete program helping you identify your areas of weakness and provide privacy best practices and policy recommendations to strengthen your overall privacy program on an ongoing basis. With the flexibility to assess annually and ad hoc, Privacy Assessment is the foundation for every small to medium size businesses' privacy program.

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Answers to questions on how to be successful with uRISQ.

  • How easy is it to implement uRISQ?

    We have a proven process that has successfully made over 100 partners more revenue. With our streamlined process, you can be billing your customers in under 60 days and start seeing increased monthly revenue with no upfront cost.

  • How will I make more money with uRISQ?

    uRISQ is the opportunity many businesses are waiting for. Want to increase your monthly rate while providing an additional service? uRISQ provides a mandated value-added service to your portfolio of business. Be a provider who offers an online privacy program with your standard services. Be more than a security service to your customers. Be a compliance solutions provider.

  • How does uRISQ help me grow as a business?

    Security companies are facing challenges such as DIY technologies and competitors undercutting their prices. uRISQ will make you different. uRISQ helps your customers be compliant with privacy laws. Be your customers' privacy compliance provider.