ID Recovery

uRISQ ID Recovery provides full identity recovery for individuals regardless of the type of identity fraud committed against them. Our Recovery Advocates work on behalf of the individual to restore the victim’s identity, providing peace of mind that if victim to identity theft a certified Recovery Advocate will be dedicated to provide full identity recovery services.  addressing all fraudulent activity is resolved.

Features & Benefits

ID Recovery Advocate

  • FCRA, FACT Act, CITRMS certified
  • Licensed private investigators
  • Single point of contact

Customized Recovery Plan

  • Includes all fraud
  • 3 Major Credit Bureau Reports
  • Research of public records

Limited Power of Attorney

  • Contacting of Creditors
  • Contacting of government agencies
  • Contacting of collection agencies, etc.

ID Care Account

  • Track progress securely 24/7/365
  • Access case documents
  • View credit report, score, and alerts

Credit Monitoring & Alerts

  • Monitoring & alert services
  • Alerts on new issues
  • Alerts on credit file changes

Credit Report & Score

  • Benchmark Credit Report
  • Benchmark Credit Score
  • Report & score change

Document Replacement

  • Recover your lost or stolen documents
  • Cancellation of lost credit cards
  • Cancellation of lost checks

Credential Vault

  • Access sensitive information easily
  • Secure solution for credentials
  • Accessible 24/7/365

Credit Freeze Assistance

  • Help with freezing credit
  • Help with unfreezing credit
  • Best Practices when to use

Credit Dispute Assistance

  • Disputing incorrect information
  • Dispute incomplete information
  • Dispute 3 major credit bureaus

Protecting Employees and Individual Consumers

uRISQ ID Recovery can be bundled in the uRISQ Privacy Suite for commercial accounts or as a stand-a-lone for a consumer/individual service offering. uRISQ ID Recovery can be offered as an employee benefit to all or a select group of employees.

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