Logging and Documentation

When it comes to data privacy, your clients should log and document their data privacy practices.  Regulators may require proof of compliance, but customers rely on it to ensure their personal information is secure. uRISQ’s automatic logging and documentation take the hard work and confusion out of proof of practices. 


Why does documentation matter?


Risk Management! Privacy program documentation and logging is a critical part of risk mitigation.  uRISQ automatically tracks your privacy program tasks in modules and provides proof.  Even a comprehensive privacy program without documentation can result in higher fines and legal penalties.

uRISQ simplifies reporting a data breach


Many states have mandatory regulations that require companies to document their compliance when a breach occurs.  uRISQ Data Breach Support provides both the analysis of a data breach incident as well as a tool to record a step-by-step documentation of your data breach actions.  Best practices  requires every organization to maintain documentation of the breach and the actions taken.  


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