Privacy Assessment

Complying with all the relevant privacy laws requires expertise that small to medium size businesses do not possess. Privacy Assessment is the tool your clients need to make privacy compliance understandable and attainable. Our web-based application focuses on policies that mitigate the risk of data loss.

An Affordable Risk Mitigation Tool for SMBs


Do your clients have an adequate privacy program, which meet mandated regulations, to protect the personal and sensitive information they collect? If a breach occurs, are they prepared?


Businesses’ data privacy, both physical and electronic, are constant targets of threats, breaches, and theft.  uRISQ Privacy Assessment helps develop your customer’s data privacy program and provides both policy templates and best practices.


The SMB market continues to suffer without affordable privacy risk assessment tools. uRISQ fulfills that need in a self-paced manner simultaneously documenting the review process. 

Benefits of Privacy Risk Assessment

An Easy-to-Use Web-Based Privacy Solution 


Designed, developed, and maintained by certified privacy experts. uRISQ Privacy Assessment helps prepare your clients in the event of data loss. It incorporates an easy-to-use assessment and policy builder.


The system documents assessments and policy reviews and is a resource for policy best practices and templates. Privacy Assessment brings your clients one step closer to better data privacy practices. 

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